2. Documentation

Task 1

  • Print out a list of all Ansible modules in your terminal.
  • Print out information about the Ansible module file in your terminal.
Solution Task 1
ansible-doc -l
ansible-doc file
ansible-doc -s file

Task 2

  • Find the official online documentation of Ansible in your browser.
  • Visit the module index (i.e. list of all modules) in the online documentation.
  • Use the search field in the upper left of the web page and also use the search field in the lower right.
Solution Task 2

Task 3 (Advanced)

  • By installing the ansible-doc package you get a lot of additional documentation.
  • Use your package-managers functionality to find out what files are installed with dnf install ansible-doc.
  • Now find documentation about jinja2 on the controller.
Solution Task 3

One way to find a list of provided documentation:

dnf install -y yum-utils # (if needed)
repoquery ansible-doc -l

You can also search for files in /usr/share/doc:

ls -lahr /usr/share/doc/ | grep jinja2

Task 4 (Captain Future)

  • Have a look at the development documentation.
  • Search for the release dates of future ansible versions.
Solution Task 4

All done?