9.1 AWX / Ascender / AAP Installation

Task 1

Get yourself familiar with the installation options for AWX, Ascender and AAP

  • Have a look at the different installation documentations
  • What is one of the advantages when installing Ascender?
  • What is one of the advantages when installing AAP?
Solution Task 1

An advantage of Ascender is the handy install script ascender-install. Another advantage is, that everything is available even without a valid subscription for Ascender.

An advantage of AAP is the availability of an rpm based installation. The downside is, that those rpm’s are only available when you have a valid AAP subscription and you are logged in the Red Hat customer backend.

Task 2

  • Now, we want to install Ascender locally using k3s. The ascender-install repository from Github is checked out to the folder /home/ansible/ascender-install on your ascender server.
  • Which file contains the configuration parameters for your installation?
Solution Task 2

See that the file was already prepared with the information for your lab servers.

Task 3

  • Run the installation. This may take some time.
Solution Task 3
cd /home/ansible/ascender-install
sudo ./setup.sh

Task 4

  • Log in to Ascender using the username and password provided by the teacher.
  • In which file are the credentials defined?
Solution Task 4