9.2 AWX Overview

In this lab we are working with AWX

Task 1

  • Get an Overview of the AWX Web GUI.
  • For security reasons you should change the admin password.
  • Find out where that password can be changed.
Solution Task 1

Change AWX admin password

Task 2

  • Add a organization named “Techlab”.
  • Add a User ansible that belongs to the Techlab organization.
  • ansible should belong to the AWX role “System Admnistrator”.
  • Log out form AWX web GUI.
  • Log in to AWX web GUI as ansible.
Solution Task 2

Add Techlab organization Add ansible user AWX login as ansible

Task 3

  • The AWX installation comes with a “Demo Project” and a “Demo Job Template”
  • Take a look at the definition of Demo Projekt: This project links to a git repository on GitHup with an example playbook.
  • Take a look at Demo Job Template. This template can be used to run the playbook hello_world.yml from that GitHub repository.
  • Execute that playbook by klicking on the rocket symbol. It shoud run without errors print “hello world”.
Solution Task 3

Demo Projekt Demo Job Template Demo job run

Task 4

  • Try to run hello_world on node1 and node2:
    • You should create credentials within AWX that allow for SSH login as ansible user to node1 and node2.
    • Use the existing SSH private key from ~ansible/.ssh/ on control0.
    • You should also create an inventory within AWX that contains node1 and node2.
    • Modify Demo Job Template or create a new template that runs hello_world.yml (from Demo Project) with your newly created credentials and inventory.
Solution Task 4

New credentials New inventory Add a host Demo job run on nodes

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