9.2 - AWX Overview

In this lab we are working with AWX

Task 1

  • Get an Overview of the AWX Web GUI.
  • For security reasons you should change the admin password.
  • Find out where that password can be changed.

Task 2

  • Add a organization named “Techlab”.
  • Add a User ansible that belongs to the Techlab organization.
  • ansible should belong to the AWX role “System Admnistrator”.
  • Log out form AWX web GUI.
  • Log in to AWX web GUI as ansible

Task 3

  • The AWX installation comes with a “Demo Project” and a “Demo Job Template”
  • Take a look at the definition of Demo Projekt: This project links to a git repository on GitHup with an example playbook.
  • Take a look at Demo Job Template. This template can be used to run the playbook hello_world.yml from that GitHub repository.
  • Execute that playbook by klicking on the rocket symbol. It shoud run without errors print “hello world”.

Task 4

  • Try to run hello_world on node1 and node2:
    • You should create credentials within AWX that allow for SSH login as ansible user to node1 and node2.
    • Use the existing SSH private key from ~ansible/.ssh/ on control0.
    • You should also create an inventory within AWX that contains node1 and node2.
    • Modify Demo Job Template or create a new template that runs hello_world.yml (from Demo Project) with your newly created credentials and inventory.


Change AWX admin password

Add Techlab organization Add ansible user AWX login as ansible

Demo Projekt Demo Job Template Demo job run

New credentials New inventory Add a host Demo job run on nodes